Who and what defines a man today is different than 5, 10, 15 years ago. More than a man with impeccable style and taste, The Thoroughly Crafted Gentleman (ThoroMan) has a strong sense of self and is focused on a purpose driven life, inspiring leadership in both family and community with the SOLE mission of creating a better world.

The ”Think Like a ThoroMan" (TLAT) series is our social impact initiative with our 501 (c)(3) affiliate, Ambition, that takes participants on an interactive journey led by Kyle E. Cox, TCG co-founder, and includes up-close and personal interviews as well as mentorship sessions with some of the most accomplished and influential leaders in business, culture, lifestyle, sports, technology and more. These superheroes share their origin stories and describe their paths to personal growth and success. We will record all TLAT content to distribute on our partner platforms, as well as our own platform ThoroVizion.

ThoroVizion is an interactive editorial hub curated by Thoroughly Crafted Goods (TCG), that produces content and programming created to inspire men to be their best, centered around the “Think Like a ThoroMan” mission.

All donations will help fund the production of TLAT events and content. 

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